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John Hope's Books

Children's Picture Books

Watch the Butterfly
Illustrated by: Bob Stuhmer
What Kind of
Butterfly are You?

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One, Two

In this beautifully illustrated book, a boy learns the virtue of patience when he finds a butterfly warming in the sun. Though waiting is hard, its reward can produce the most wonderful results.

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The Frozen Floppies
Illustrated by: Mark Wayne Adams

Sneak Peeks
One, Two

Help! Help! The Floppies are frozen flopcicles! Fellow Floppies must flex their Floppy brains to rescue their frozen friends. But how can they with Floppyland borders separating them?

Find out how quarreling groups of Floppies band together to fight the frost and free the frozen Floppies, in this Florida Writers Association award-winning story of friendship.

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The Band Aid
Illustrated by: Bob Stuhmer

A 5-year-old girl discovers her daddy crying. Confused, she gives him a band aid, a cure for all ills. After he explains some pains run too deep, the girl spends time with her daddy, laughing and playing, helping to be his band aid.

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  Middle Grade Books

Secret Adventures of Foxfire:
Busting Walls

Illustrated by: David R Martinez
1st Place
2019 Royal Palm Literary Awards
"Moving and exciting novel that is guaranteed to entertain and thrill... by far the best children’s book I have ever read." (More)
"...filled with action, heartwarming moments, and a bonus adventure." (More)

Deep within Sebastian’s vivid imagination, international spy Foxfire is tasked with her most difficult mission yet: to find and capture the Devil himself. Outside Sebastian’s solitary comic book–drawing bouts, the mystery-loving twelve-year-old helps his friends construct a secret tree fort using building supplies from an abandoned neighborhood shed while at home, he struggles to find common ground with his stepdad after his mom has left them following a car accident. As distant as Sebastian’s reality is from his creative musings, Foxfire’s secret adventures eventually converge with Sebastian’s personal struggles.

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Pankyland 3: Be Little World
Illustrated by: Alex McArdell

Tragedy strikes Pankyland when the owner, Mr. Panky, suffers a heart attack. Making things worse, a new state-of-the-art theme park, Be Little World, opens across the street and steals away all of Pankyland guests, threatening to shut down the Florida theme park for good. But when preteen Panky and his pals investigate, they learn Mr. Panky’s heart attack was no accident. Amongst several stomach-churning rides, friendship spats, and a rap battle of the century, the kids attempt to save Pankyland from extinction and bring the culprits to justice.

Third installment to the Pankyland adventure stories. Easy to read, easy to understand, and lots of funny scenes. A perfect book for 9-12 year olds, especially boys who are difficult to encourage to read.

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Pankyland 2: The Movie
Illustrated by: Alex McArdell
"...endearing scenes between Panky and his brother that make you smile... definitely recommend this sequel." (More)

Eleven-year-old Panky and his nine-year-old brother Craig are picked to star in Pankyland the movie. Amongst some sibling rivalry, Panky and Craig get kidnapped by a jealous parent whose kid didn't win the starring role in the movie. The two go on an adventure fleeing their captors while struggling to return to the movie set before the wacky movie director decides to move forward with filming without them.

Sequel to the Pankyland adventure stories. Easy to read, easy to understand, and lots of funny scenes. A perfect book for 9-12 year olds, especially boys who are difficult to encourage to read.

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Illustrated by: Alex McArdell
"...twists and turns that will hold the reader to the story and plenty of action, right from the first page." (More)

When a pair of neighboring, rival families visit a Florida theme park on Panky's eleventh birthday, he is forced to team up with his nemesis Benji to find younger brother Craig before their parents find out they lost him. This high-adventure page-turner takes surprising twists when these boys chase down a group of bullies while getting chased themselves by park security. All the while, the main question on Panky's mind: will they get out of this park alive?

Very fun adventure story. Easy to read, easy to understand, and lots of funny scenes. A perfect book for 9-12 year olds, especially boys who are difficult to encourage to read.

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Pankyland Audiobook Preview
read by Millian Quinteros

Pankyland Interview
  Young Adult Books

Silencing Sharks
Illustrated by: Alex McArdell
"John Hope crafted a brilliant story... a fresh, clever take on feeling like an outsider and learning to accept oneself." (More)
"...perfect for any young adult and older who enjoys playful adventure mixed with a twist of heroism..." (More)
"This is a great young adult fiction!" (More)

Peter lives in a silent world. Thirteen, deaf, and tormented by neighborhood bullies, Peter seeks solace in summertime snorkeling outings with his eccentric Viking-horn-helmeted Uncle Sverrir. But after a dangerous encounter with a giant hammerhead predator, Peter discovers he has a unique gift: He can talk to sharks.

Peter quickly learns that the sharks near his Florida home are being mysteriously killed off. They need his help. Thrust into a scary but exciting adventure, both above- and below-water, Peter is distressed to learn that his dad, a chef, is connected to the crime-being blackmailed by his boss to cook up illegal shark-fin soup. Peter sets himself to the daunting task of saving both the sharks and his father, but to do so, he must rely on the very bullies who have tormented him.

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Silencing Sharks Card Game
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  • 40 Shark Teeth Chips
  • Playing Dice
  • Velvet Travel Tote
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Silencing Sharks Audiobook Preview
read by Steve Carlson
No Good
" and reminiscent of a gritty Waltons story... excellently written with emotion and empathy... will stay with this reviewer for some time." (More)
"...gripping and immersive story. Highly recommended." (More)
"...this book can say so much so succinctly and never overstay its welcome..." (More)

Twelve-year-old Johnny "No Good" and his newly adopted brother find themselves in the middle of a manhunt for a small town murderer when No Good learns the other is connected to the prime suspect.

Recipient of the Florida Writers Association's Royal Palm Literary Award, this heart-felt story brings to life a lost segment of American life when boys could be boys as they struggle to understand racial prejudice and how to see people for who they really are.

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No Good Audiobook Preview
read by David L. Stanley
What are People Saying

Colby in the Crosshairs
" amazing read...awesome job of getting you inside Colby's head. The little boy is charming and we can easily empathize with him." (More)

After Colby's estranged father returns to his white trash home, the nine-year-old struggles to survive a promiscuous neighborhood mother, money sharks, and an uncontrollable autistic older brother while discovering the true cost of living and brotherhood.

Based on the sensitive subject matter, not recommended for young kids. Excellent book for high school and college students to discuss social taboos and difficult family issues, including child abuse and gun control.

Paperback from Amazon
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Colby in the Crosshairs Audiobook Preview
read by Steve Carlson
  General Adult Books

Fairy Tales, the Sequel
" absolutely amazing compilation of stories...Tweens, Teens, and adults of all ages will find this book quite magical." (More)

Whatever happened after happily ever after? This thrilling collection of classic fairy tales answers the question, each story going deeper into the fanciful creations the world has loved and shared over the centuries. Composed by award-winning authors, this collection includes sequels to the following fairy tales:

Aladdin and The Magic Lamp
  sequel by Chuck R. Stieren
The Black Bull of the Castle of Blood
  sequel by Frances Hight
Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
  sequel by Kristin Durfee
  sequel by Bettie Nebergall
Goldie Locks and the Three Bears
  sequel by Mark McWaters
Hansel and Gretel
  sequel by John Hope
  sequel by Nicola Trwst
The Princess and the Pea
  sequel by Arielle Haughee
  sequel by Sarah Hendess


How I Met My Other
Edited by: Arielle Haughee

Heart-warming, romantic story collection of how various couples met for the first time and the resulting life-long love that blossom.

Kindle eBook

Prometheus Saga 2: Dragon Lure
Illustrated by: Charles A. Cornell

In final days of seventh grade, a simple teenage video game addiction spirals into an unthinkable myriad of computer hacking and murder for two friends who soon find themselves in the middle of a complex game of espionage.

Part of a series of short stories written by award-winning Florida-based authors, the Prometheus Saga follows alien-born Prometheus who enters human societies and takes on various forms of race and gender to in order to weave through history, witnessing and sometimes impacting it for good or bad.

Kindle eBook from Amazon

Prometheus Saga 2

Eight award-winning and accomplished authors invite you to explore the depths of human experience alongside an ever-watching presence sent to Earth by an advanced alien intelligence. The Prometheus Probe lives among us, witnessing the progress of our civilization and the development of our weaknesses, follies, wisdom, and strengths.It watches, morphing from one human form to another—a friend, a coworker, a lover, a comrade in arms. Its life spans tens of thousands of years. As history unfolds before its eyes, its alien creators analyze in real time. And sometimes advise.The groundbreaking Volume One of The Prometheus Saga garnered critical praise and numerous literary awards. In Volume Two, the authors of the Alvarium Experiment invite you on eight new journeys through history that reveal the alien observer among us.

Paperback from Amazon

Alvarium Experiment: Masters Reimagined

From characters that disappear to odd occurrences to open endings, the masters who penned today’s literary classics left a lot of room for speculation. Have you ever wondered what inspired Kipling to pen The Jungle Book? Who else Macbeth’s witches influenced? Why Mr. Rochester’s first wife went mad in Jane Eyre? How the events of Treasure Island would unfold if the pirates flew spaceships instead? If Eveline were escaping Earth instead of Ireland? What an American free spirit like Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s might encounter in her new life as a Brazilian wife? How Anna Karenina might have escaped her death? What the Count of Monto Cristo and Alice In Wonderland might be like together? If Jonah’s whale had been a submarine? Why Ishmael never mentioned Mr. Bulkington again after the Pequod left Nantucket on the hunt for Moby Dick? Escape into the speculative worlds of ten award-winning science-fiction and fantasy authors for answers that will fire up your imagination as you discover the essence of these timeless tales in stories that invite you to re-think everything you know about the classics, whether you've ever read them or not.

Paperback from Amazon

Alvarium Experiment: Return to Earth

A diverse team of authors unite to envision the impact on Earth when it is revisited by its own species. Ten different narratives tackle the same premise, yet the resulting stories couldn't be more different. Earth’s story is littered with fantastic tales of alien contact, both past and future. Some of these tales bring light and hope, while others make us shiver with horror. But what happens when the foreign visitors look remarkably like us? How will the world react when instead of extraterrestrials, it’s humans who return to earth? The possibilities are endless. And they are told in these stories.

Paperback from Amazon

Checkout more about the authors HERE.

In Shadows Written

Short story collection of horror from some of the best Florida authors.

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Images of America - Lake Mary
"...wonderful tidbits of local history..." (More)

Sneak Peeks
One, Two

From the start, Lake Mary, Florida was quiet and friendly, with a quality of life that attracted people of various backgrounds and origin wanting a break from hectic city life. The founding families described their initial experience as heaven, with men on horseback clomping over dirt roads, dogs running free, osprey perched in silence, and the echoes of children playing nearby. In 2007 Money magazine named Lake Mary the 4th best place to live and work in the United States.

Images of America celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. Using archival photographs, Images of America - Lake Mary presents the distinctive stories from the past that shape the character of the community today.

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